My surgeries with text and images…

Surgery of 2 hernias

Date: December 03, 2011.

Only 6-7 weeks after my colon surgery I had a new surgery; a surgery of 2 hernias with complications as the tissue was already scared over… more the doctor didn’t told me… but he told me that it was a difficult surgery (???)… images show this… Date of surgery: November 21, 2011.

Image(s) above after 12 days following the surgery, it’s already looking much better than five days ago, that was looking horrible… And even myself was feeling that much shocked about it that I didn’t want to take a photo of it! Date: December 03, 2011.

So imagine how it was five days ago, imagine much more black and violet and this also beneath the navel through to beneath the genitals… Not funny at all and I don’t talk even about the pain 😦

After 12 days I am not still able to drive a car, nor to walk more than 100 meters… still needs a couple of weeks to recover… hard, hard, hard…

I thought my surgery of the colon was the most painful surgery, but this one I have problems to cope with, it is very painful and it takes very long to heal and to recover from it… The doctor said that the pain will be there for a couple of weeks and that I would need 3-4 months to recover completely from it (I need to take courage…)…


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