My surgeries with text and images…

Still on the pain-9


Date: January 31, 2012.

Day 71 after the surgery, still some pain and nearly no swelling and hematomas (bruises) anymore, at least this…

I passed a very bad week with a lot of pain (???), no idea what happens, but actually today I feel good. Yesterday I played for +/- 2 hours Darts in my old Pub which I visit since more than 40 years… I didn’t play darts for the last 6 months because of my surgeries, but I felt very good yesterday and I even won most of my matches (legs) and this without having practicing, WOW 😉 was a great feeling, my moral went up and today no problems :))))))))))))))

Pain level is now at 5/10 and the new drugs “Diclofenac” helps me a lot to get away the inflammation in my genitals, slowly but surely… Feeling like having a bit more Power in the body now, hope this will continue and even getting better. I can’t cope anymore with pain; wish to see the day coming without any pain anymore and to feel like a normal human again. I don’t wish even this to my worst enemy, not funny at all :((((

On Thursday 02 February, 2012 I will have the next control in hospital…

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