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Colon Surgery

Still on the pain-16

Date: December 18, 2012

Day 362 after the surgery… Nearly 1 year 😦

ScreenHunter_02 Dec. 18 21.12I got a P.E.T. scan who revealed infections in the scrotum and a Cystoscopy will be made on Thursday December, 18. After I took antibiotics “Ciproxine 500mg” I feel already much better, but still problems with pain. Hopefully on Thursday they will find the answer about my persistent problems…

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Still on the pain-14

Date: October 02, 2012

Day 285 after the surgery…

As I made recently a colonoscopy I had to visit the specialist (I got a phone call to make an appointment) which I did 2 weeks ago. I got explained that they found  a polyp of 2 cm diameter and that the biopsy revealed growing cancer cells in the polyp! I was shocked, but I got told that as long as the cancer cells are ONLY found in the polyps that there isn’t any problem as long as it is not moving into the colon.

I should do now once every year a colonoscopy as a prevention to detect eventually found polyps! But as I am a bit proactive thinking I asked to do the first one already in 6 months, in March 2013.




See below a video on a Colon polyp removal with a colonoscope:




So, that’s meant that I am now a risk patient!!! But as I did on a regular base (every 2 years) since 14 years already a colonoscopy they detected it by time! I suggest anyway to anybody to do a colonoscopy also up from age 40-45, especially men.

First of all I need to get my brain used to that, that’s the difficult part of it, not easy at all…

I am still on the pain as well and hopefully one day doctors will find out from where it does come, not funny at all to live like that 😦


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Still on the pain-12

Day 256 after the surgery…



As already said in previous post there are still some problems of not natural pain to get sorted out! I made already some new scans and also MRI (IRM en français) and the last one was an echo-graph; a control with ultrasonic… Waiting for Thursday to get the report from my medical, but already knowing that there is something strange!!!


To be continued… :(((

New problems? Some control is needed…

Date: June 21, 2012


Day 191 after the surgery…

I have big pain again on the same place as I had before the surgery of the right colon. Strange anyway, the pain is still on left side as I had and I got the surgery on the right side!? So, a new colonoscopy and an MRI (IRM en Français…) will follow soon, not feeling good and confident so… Hope they will not find something new strange again 😦

Still on the pain-11


Date: March 25, 2012.

Day 125 after the surgery, still pain about ONLY  2-3/10 on pain scale and no swelling and hematomas (bruises) anymore, not yet 100% but feeling already much more better!

I had a new scanner to find out what is going on on February 24, 2012… nothing found, good news! Doctor told me that it is “normal” that it takes that long to recover as I had a big hematoma and that my Inguinal Hernias are dating from very long and that they were scared already, so it was a very difficult surgery… with lots of internal interventions…

I got told also now that I can again work a bit at home and that’s the best news I had for months… The feeling of an “normal” person comes back slowly, LOL 😉 I have a lot of Home gardening to do and also to make renovation of one room at home, this needs now after 2 years get done as it wasn’t possible that long because of my surgeries!!!

Nearly 2 years ONLY allowed to sit close to the computer without any other activities, a hard time… I am very happy, feeling like free again :-))))))))))

But bad news are that I lost my job due to those surgeries, more than 52 weeks on sick-leave in 2 years, but at least I get payed 80% of my last salary from the Employment Office for one year period… while searching with 57 years old a new job, not easy at all… probably mission impossible…

But I use my experience in IT-Security and trying even different ways to find a job over Internet, check out here:



Don’t give up…


I am fed up with pain every day since two years already now. Feeling down, my feelings down in the video… Can’t work, can’t make anything else then sitting on the PC (at last this…)…

Surgery of right colon


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Scalpel Art


Strange Title for a blog, isn’t it? Why did I chose this title? And for which reason this blog?

I had a lot of surgeries and decided to make my experience available as a testimonial for other persons how to cope with health problems and the need to get a surgery. I will not only post photos from my surgeries, but also giving my testimonial about what I lived with it…

When you see the photos, you will understand the name “Scalpel Art“…

Explaining in detail what I lived through with my surgeries with also some good tips and useful links where people who are in a bad health situation will get some professional advice…

Disclaimer: shown photos and videos may be felt as shocking for some people, take care and stop reading if so!!!

PS: English is not my mother tongue, be gentle with me, thanks ;)