My surgeries with text and images…


1219 days After The Surgery


1219 days after surgery.

As I had different injuries between last post, I got some NEW antibiotics and probably they solved the problem. After last ScintigraphyΒ IΒ got told from the expert doctor (nuclear medicine) that I would STILL have an inflammation and that I should get NEW antibiotics.

So, now on July 11th, 2014 I am feeling comfortable again (nearly)…





My life quality: Do I have still some?


Life quality, do I still have some? Since at least 4 months certainly not anymore 😦 or very little… Two surgeries in 3 month time which gave me a lot of sleepless nights because of huge pain (even with drugs…), who were difficult surgeries and so I couldn’t move a lot nor driving a car for minimum 3 weeks (that was hard, no liberty…) and with the last surgery, the inguinal hernia surgery I am still coping with and this after already one month after the surgery… Watch published images and you will understand…

But today I took the courage (even with pain) to visit two Xmas markets in Luxembourg (Europe), my country… I was driving the car (I was feeling FREE again, liberty…) for +/- 70 Km (+/- 44 miles), WOW what a feeling… πŸ™‚ Like new born kid, LOL πŸ˜‰

Nearly 4 months without driving a car, without seeing friends, staying at home without going out, with a lot of pain, without being able to do any sort of work at home, ONLY sitting behind the computer to pass time… I was feeling like unchained, feeling like a flying bird…

Even that I met some friends on those markets, good talk and a lot of laughing together (good for the moral…)… I feel a bit happy now πŸ™‚ Meeting real humans is better than only meeting people on Internet…

I took some photos from those two markets and I created also a blog about, you may check out here: