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Still on the pain 23


823 days.

Already NOW 823 days after the surgery and STILL pain, doesn’t go away! On the pain scale I am again on 8-10 and NOW I got again antibiotics ===> AUGMENTIN 1.000 mg/62,5 mg <===. They helped last time, so hopefully ALSO this time. I will be soon on “Disability Pension” (early Retirement due to health problems) and waiting till I get the first check paid. After that I will visit the doctor again to sort out the problem, if necessary a new surgery might be possible as it is probably an allergic reaction to the mesh repair. This is nearly by 100% sure as I had a 5 hour examination from a Prof.Dr. XXXX on 15.10.2012 where they mentioned a possible infection also in their report!


Below is an image that shows what a hernia looks from inside…




The image credit goes to (a great website in German, who explains very well…):





Still on the Pain 21


Date: March 31, 2013

Day 465 after the surgery… More than 1 year!


Hodenschmerzen nach Leistenbruch-Operation

Hoden-Schmerzen nach Leistenbruch-Operation


As I am still on pain level 6/10 and that I have ONLY an appointment on April 17, 2013 with the surgeon, so I decided to collect some information about chronic pain after an inguinal hernia surgery. Apparently 10-16%, some say even 30% of patients suffer from chronic pain after the inguinal hernia surgery. Here below my link collection in different languages (I am multilingual…):


Still on the pain 20

Date: March 20, 2013

Day 454 after the surgery… More than 1 year!

Pain Scale 6/10Yesterday I got the results from last colonoscopy, a very good one! NO CANCER found anymore, but although they found a new polyp of 1cm diameter (0.4 inches), but not presenting  cancer! I am feeling very HAPPY about that. Next colonoscopy will be in a year, it is BETTER to control it, one never knows…

I am still on pain level 6-7/10 and so I had also yesterday an appointment with the family doctor where I got a prescription for a new medication, “LYRICA 75mg“, a medication which should calm the pain in the nerves…

My pain story started after a surgery of two inguinal hernias, and after all the examinations done by an UROLOGY specialist this one didn’t find any UROLOGY problems and told me to visit again the surgery specialist to find out from where the pain comes. But he told me also that it would be probably a nerve or some nerves who were getting touched or other possibility also is that the nerves are getting touched by the implanted artificial net…

Wait and see… Tomorrow I will contact the surgery specialist to get an appointment again..

Still on the pain 19

Date: March 11, 2013

Day 445 after the surgery… More than 1 year

Pain Scale 6/10The pain is increasing again and I am now on pain scale level 6/10, not knowing what is happening!??? My moral is (???), need to fight hard to net letting me go down! It’s too long anyway, I need to upgrade my courage as I start to rant too much on Social-Media, not good 😦

I am NOT anymore the person I was before the operation, I wish to become the same again as I start to hate myself for what I am now (mentality)! No life quality anymore with chronically pain, it starts slowly to destroy me, even spouse told me that I changed too much; not good at all to hear it from her…

Still on the pain 18

Date: March 09, 2013

Day 443 after the surgery… More than 1 year

pain scale 4-5/10

I finished all the tests on Urology and the doctor says that there are no Urology problems! OK, good news, but still on the pain which increased again! I am now on 4-5/10 on the pain scale. The doctor told me that I should visit again the surgery doctor, probably there were some nerves touched during the surgery. Will the pain ever go away or must I stay for the rest of my life with it, not feeling confident at all anymore…

I had also a colonoscopy again, 6 months after the last check up as on the last check up a polyp from 2 cm in diameter (0.8 inches) was found. A new polyp was found with already 1 cm diameter (0.4 inches) after only 6 months! On March 19, 2013 I will know then the results…

Never ending story, to be continued…

Still on the pain 17


Date: January 30, 2013

Day 405 after the surgery… More than 1 year :(

Yesterday I visited my Urology Doctor again, probably for the last time. He told me that there is NO Urology problem and that possibly some nerves were getting touched during the surgery and that’s why there is still some pain. He told me to visit again the doctor who made the surgery, endless story… SO, I will try to get a new appointment to find out what it is definitely  and hopefully it will get sorted out and hopefully I will get some medication to get rid of the pain…

Still on the pain-16

Date: December 18, 2012

Day 362 after the surgery… Nearly 1 year 😦

ScreenHunter_02 Dec. 18 21.12I got a P.E.T. scan who revealed infections in the scrotum and a Cystoscopy will be made on Thursday December, 18. After I took antibiotics “Ciproxine 500mg” I feel already much better, but still problems with pain. Hopefully on Thursday they will find the answer about my persistent problems…

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Still on the pain-15

Date: November 16, 2012

Day 330 after the surgery…


The pain is getting stronger again, can’t leave without taking “Diclofenac” medication 😦 Yesterday I made a Scintigraphy with Gallium and today a Scintigraphy with Technetium. I have seen the doctor after the Scintigraphy but she couldn’t tell me yet and told me to wait till mid next week! So next week my house doctor will get the results and me also then, but she asked for probably the necessity for a P.E.T. scan… Wait, see and hope…

Still on the pain-14

Date: October 02, 2012

Day 285 after the surgery…

As I made recently a colonoscopy I had to visit the specialist (I got a phone call to make an appointment) which I did 2 weeks ago. I got explained that they found  a polyp of 2 cm diameter and that the biopsy revealed growing cancer cells in the polyp! I was shocked, but I got told that as long as the cancer cells are ONLY found in the polyps that there isn’t any problem as long as it is not moving into the colon.

I should do now once every year a colonoscopy as a prevention to detect eventually found polyps! But as I am a bit proactive thinking I asked to do the first one already in 6 months, in March 2013.




See below a video on a Colon polyp removal with a colonoscope:




So, that’s meant that I am now a risk patient!!! But as I did on a regular base (every 2 years) since 14 years already a colonoscopy they detected it by time! I suggest anyway to anybody to do a colonoscopy also up from age 40-45, especially men.

First of all I need to get my brain used to that, that’s the difficult part of it, not easy at all…

I am still on the pain as well and hopefully one day doctors will find out from where it does come, not funny at all to live like that 😦


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What’s a polyp and what’s a colonoscopy?



Still on the pain-13

Date: September 19, 2012

Day 272 after the surgery…


There are probably different problems as my house doctor said, problems with the bladder, the back and perhaps also the possibility of an inflammation due to the implanted artificial nets to close the holes in the tissue…

I found out also this on Wikipedia and will ask my doctor(s) about it after the next tests are made: “Neuropathic pain is defined as pain in the sensory distribution of an offended nerve. This may be due to preexisting stretch injury or intraoperative nerve injury. It is often described as stabbing and burning. Nociceptive pain includes somatic and visceral pain. Somatic pain may be due to chronic inflammation from tissue injury and is described as gnawing, tender, and pounding. Visceral pain can manifest as testicular and ejaculatory pain which may be associated with mesh ingrowth into spermatic cord structures…

Other links:

  • Post-operative Inguinodynia from Hernia Surgery
    • Inguinodynia as a hernia post-operative chronic pain syndrome may occur due to an assortment of causes including mesh shrinkage, inflammation, scarification, as well as surgical technique.

This above is ONLY something which I will ask the doctor(s) after some tests are made and nothing else would be found, I don’t make a self-diagnostic! But I want to be informed about what is going on and helping myself to get out of this never ending story…

So now on October 17, 2012 I will get a flexible “Cystoscopy” to find out what problems are with the bladder (there are some…) and after that probably also a “Scintigraphy” to find out if and where are some inflammations…

See below some videos about “Cystoscopy”:





Once again, I don’t make a self-diagnostic and videos are ONLY published for my own curiosity (I want to know what’s going on before the intervention…) and visitors could see it also if wanted so…

Still on the pain-12

Day 256 after the surgery…



As already said in previous post there are still some problems of not natural pain to get sorted out! I made already some new scans and also MRI (IRM en français) and the last one was an echo-graph; a control with ultrasonic… Waiting for Thursday to get the report from my medical, but already knowing that there is something strange!!!


To be continued… :(((

Still on the pain-9


Date: January 31, 2012.

Day 71 after the surgery, still some pain and nearly no swelling and hematomas (bruises) anymore, at least this…

I passed a very bad week with a lot of pain (???), no idea what happens, but actually today I feel good. Yesterday I played for +/- 2 hours Darts in my old Pub which I visit since more than 40 years… I didn’t play darts for the last 6 months because of my surgeries, but I felt very good yesterday and I even won most of my matches (legs) and this without having practicing, WOW 😉 was a great feeling, my moral went up and today no problems :))))))))))))))

Pain level is now at 5/10 and the new drugs “Diclofenac” helps me a lot to get away the inflammation in my genitals, slowly but surely… Feeling like having a bit more Power in the body now, hope this will continue and even getting better. I can’t cope anymore with pain; wish to see the day coming without any pain anymore and to feel like a normal human again. I don’t wish even this to my worst enemy, not funny at all :((((

On Thursday 02 February, 2012 I will have the next control in hospital…

Still on the pain-8


Date: January 24, 2012.

Day 64 after the surgery, still some pain and nearly no swelling and hematomas (bruises) anymore, at least this…

Pain level is now at 5/10 and the new drugs “Diclofenac” helps me a lot to get away theinflammation in my genitals, slowly but surely…

Still on the pain-7


Date: January 14, 2012.

Day 54 after the surgery, still some pain and nearly no swelling and hematomas (bruises) anymore, at least this…

Pain level is now at 5-6/10 and the new drugs “Diclofenac” helps me a lot to get away the inflammation in my genitals, slowly but surely…

Diclofenac is used commonly to treat mild to moderate post-operative or post-traumatic pain, in particular when inflammation is also present…

I can show my belly again, looks much “normal” again, LOL 😉 Next control in hospital is foreseen for February 05, 2012 and when there is still some pain and inflammation then there will be a new scan made…

Still on the pain-6


Date: January 06, 2012.

Day 46 after the surgery, still a lot of pain and nearly no swelling and hematomas (bruises) anymore, at least this…

was in hospital today for a control, again… Pain level is still at 6-6.5/10 and the doctor made a prescription for new drugs…

I am still on pain level 6-6.5/10 which I don’t consider myself as normal after 46 days after the surgery 😦 I asked the doctor who made the surgery for a new scan to find out about what is going on, but he refused this by saying that it is normal for him (???)…

A new control will be on February 02, 2012 and when pain is still there then he will consider this as not normal anymore and ONLY then he will consider for a new scan… I am not feeling happy and confident with such a decision

Still on the pain-5


Date: December 30, 2011.

Day 39 after the surgery, still a lot of pain but the swelling is going away slowly… and the hematomas (bruises) are looking much better now…


Next week, on January 05, 2012 I will have a new control in the hospital… I should know more about then…


Still on the pain-4

Date: December 23, 2011.

Day 32 after the surgery, still a lot of pain but the swelling is going away slowly… and the hematomas (bruises) are looking much better now…


One day before Christmas, pain is still there 😦 Hematomas (bruises) are looking much better and there where one sees still the hematomas the pain is nearly gone… But now pain in genitals and lower part are is becoming very strong… 7-8/10 on pain scale 😦



Still on the pain-3

Date: December 19, 2011.

Day 28 after the surgery, still a lot of pain but the swelling is going away slowly… and the hematomas are looking much better now…

Since the surgery I lost 5 Kg of weight, not sure if this is normal (???)… On January 5, 2012 I will have a new control and I will check my weight and report it to the doctor… I will need also to make an Endoscopy as I have big troubles with my stomach due to the masses of drugs I needed during the last months…

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Education Hernia Repair Inguinal (Open) PreOp® Patient Surgery


Still on the pain-2

Date: December 16, 2011.

Day 25 after the surgery, still a lot of pain but the swelling is going away slowly… and the hematomas are looking much better now…

Not anymore that much pain where the hematomas are but still a lot of pain in the genitals, but at last they are on normal size again… On day 2 after the surgery they were about 3-5 times bigger as the normal size and that wasn’t funny at all 😦 For 3 weeks time I had big problems with that… Women won’t have that much problems when getting a surgery of hernia(s), but men will…

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Still on the pain :(


Date: December 14, 2011.

Yesterday I was in hospital for a control, the second control anyway… The doctor told me that my hematomes are normal and the pain also and I got some new stronger drugs against the pain… He told me also that the hematomes would take probably some more days (weeks???) before it would look normal again and the pain would also be present still for a long time 😦

I took those new drugs today and must say that I feel a bit better… Will make some photos tomorrow and post them in here to show the difference from last days…

Don’t give up…


I am fed up with pain every day since two years already now. Feeling down, my feelings down in the video… Can’t work, can’t make anything else then sitting on the PC (at last this…)…

Recovering after the surgery of 2 complicated hernias-part3

Date: December 12, 2011.

Day 21 after the surgery, still a lot of pain but the swelling is going away slowly… and the hematomas are looking much better now…

Tomorrow I will have to go to the hospital for control, will know probably more then…

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Recovering after the surgery of 2 complicated hernias-part2

Date: December 10, 2011.

Day 19 after the surgery, still a lot of pain but the swelling is going away slowly… and the hematomas are looking much better now…

Didn’t sleep at all last night 😦

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