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Total Knee Replacement

Total Knee Replacement


Photos above: Here the day after the surgery…

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The slideshow shows the X-Ray-control after … months, everything is OK.

Find more (in French) here: it’s my testimonial about more than 20 weeks with photos and videos L’opération du genou


Scalpel Art


Strange Title for a blog, isn’t it? Why did I chose this title? And for which reason this blog?

I had a lot of surgeries and decided to make my experience available as a testimonial for other persons how to cope with health problems and the need to get a surgery. I will not only post photos from my surgeries, but also giving my testimonial about what I lived with it…

When you see the photos, you will understand the name “Scalpel Art“…

Explaining in detail what I lived through with my surgeries with also some good tips and useful links where people who are in a bad health situation will get some professional advice…

Disclaimer: shown photos and videos may be felt as shocking for some people, take care and stop reading if so!!!

PS: English is not my mother tongue, be gentle with me, thanks ;)